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Bom-Bae's Famous Sea Food Recipes!

Do you have a taste for Sea-food? Do you wanna know how to cook some of the best Sea Food at home? Wanna know some of the best Sea Food In Mumbai?

If yes, then this is what you're looking for. Catch come of the best and the most famous Sea Food in Mumbai and not only just dishes but their recipes as well!

Curried Scallops

Spruced up with butter, basil, garlic, jaggery and cinnamon, these curried scallops are nothing but royally piquant. It is usually served beside cream, on a crisp potato wafer with sliced keri and a splash of lime to enjoy it in its best form.

Here's a famous recipe: Curried Scallops

Fish Koliwada

A delectable, fried evening snack where the fish is cut and marinated in a thick batter of chilli paste. The term Koliwadacomes from the Maharashtra region where it means a fishermen's colony, hence it is names as Fish Koliwada. It is a very popular dish in Mumbai and neighbouring areas. What makes this dish special are the various spices along with a hint of red chilli makes this dish super tasty and unmissable.

Here's a famous recipe: Fish Koliwada

Bombil Fry

The bombil (a lizardfish, native to Mumbai) comes covered in a crackly chassis of semolina, a spirited coconut gravy to be eaten with a stack of rotis or rice.

Usually, it is ladled out alongside the gravy is a bowl of pink sol kadi, made with coconut milk, salt and garlic; the creamy coconut stained by the purple color of the dried, salted pelts of kokum.

Here's a famous recipe: Bombil Fry

Tandoori Crab

As the name suggests, Crab is marinated in a spiced yoghurt marination, called as tandoori masala and cooked over charcoal fire in a ovalclay tandoor till crisp golden. Serve with Cilantro mint sauce and onion slice , lemon wedges. Tandoori crab is the go-to dish for all the seafood lovers out there.

Here's a famous recipe: Tandoori Crab

Pomfret Fry

Pomfret Fry is a fish fry recipe where the fish is marinated with a spicy paste made with a set of simple spices. Pomfret is one of the most famous fish in South Asia due to its typically non-fishy taste. Adding to this, the typical Mumbai flavours, spices and the plating, it makes for the perfect lunch recipe in most households. This still holds to be one of the most famous non-veg food dish in Mumbai!

Here's a famous recipe: Pomfret Fry

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