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The best restaurants to cure your Midnight Cravings

Just got out of a party after sweating it out on the dance floor? Have sudden midnight cravings? Either of these need no excuse. Everytime you go, you return with a memorable story for the ones who missed out on these late night food drives. Although, confused as to where to go? Worry not, we’ve got your back! We’ve listed down the best restaurants in Mumbai where you could enjoy your midnight meal!

*All the timings mentioned below are pre-covid, thus the timings may vary right now*


Located in the Crawford Market, Mumbai CST Area, this place serves till 4 am in the morning.

So if you are just done partying in town and looking for that perfect biryani, butter chicken and naan? Without question, this is the place to visit. Zaffran, which is now known as Ustaadi has separate section for hookah lovers too. The joint is seems to be a heaven for a group of friends or family looking to feast together at those wee hours. Mutton biryani is said to be a foodie-favourite dish amongst all. Not too high priced, Zaffran has made its name through the quality of kebabs and biryani which seem to be the go to food during the midnight.


A sea facing ice cream and milkshake joint located in one of Mumbaikers’ favourite go to spot, the Marine Drive Chowpatty.

This joint is a perfect street side place for all of your late night ice-cream cravings. It now keeps itself open until 4 am. Situated on the Marine Drive, people enjoy themselves in their open sunroof cars and feast on frozen desserts like ice-cream, milkshake, kulfis and other snacks. Also, they have a huge variety of unique ice-cream flavours to choose from to make sure you never get bored of a single flavour. You’ll be missing out on a lot of fun if you decide to skip this place!


A bit tight on your budget? Head over to Achija for some mind bobbling food! Achija, located on Tilak Road, Ghatkopar East, is very well known for its delicious pav bhaji and garlic bread. You might as well have to be seated in your car, but who minds it as long as someone’s feeding your soul with a buttery pav bhaji. On the other hand, they also serve rolls, sandwiches, pulavs and even some pizzas. They are open until 3 A.M. and are great for some cheap food.

Fatboy’s Kitchen

Let’s now move on to the suburbs!

Located near the Lion Kartar Singh Hospital in Andheri West, Fatboy Kitchen is as good as a monopoly when you look at the taste and variety of burgers they offer till 3 am. If you’re craving for some juicy burgers and crispy fries post a party in the suburbs. Do not give have a second thought and head to Fatboy’s Kitchen. This Andheri joint serves Burgers until 3 am and their Black Jack Burger & Juicy Lucy burger is sure to satisfy your late night hunger cravings.

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