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Mumbai's Ultimate Coffee Guide to the Best Cafes!

A good cup of coffee is something we all enjoy. Indeed, we can't imagine a world without it. Coffee keeps us going, whether it's grabbing a quick cup or relaxing with friends over a cup.

But the problem is, Mumbai has never been known for its coffee; instead, chai is the preferred beverage here (tea). A chaiwallah (tea vendor) may be found in every nook and cranny of the city. But, to be honest, Mumbai also has some of India's best coffee shops. Today, Mumbai's coffee industry is a mash-up of ambitious entrepreneurs and amateur and professional coffee drinkers.

Here’s your ultimate guide to some of the best cafes and roasters the city has to offer –

KCROASTERS By KOINONIA - Specialty Coffee Roasters

This slightly boutique-like café (as one may describe it) is the perfect choice for all coffee enthusiasts! KCROASTERS is the ideal spot for all of the city's coffee connoisseurs. You can order any coffee from their menu, and you won't be disappointed. Shannon D'Souza, the brand's founder, has closely integrated his family's coffee legacy with his passion for Sydney's coffee culture.

KCROASTERS is a must-visit location for all coffee connoisseurs. You will not be disappointed if you order any coffee from their menu. Bandra, Peddar Road, and Khar are among its locations. Cold Fashioned, Limoncello, Activated Charcoal Mint Mocha, Oko Caribe Mocha, and Maravullah coffee are just a few of their specialties.

Blue Tokai Coffee

You can't talk about coffee without mentioning Blue Tokai! A coffee lover's paradise. Everything at Blue Tokai Coffee is exactly what you'd expect from a modern claim to fame coffee shop. The atmosphere is serene, and the design and seating selections are minimal. Blue Tokai roasts their own coffee. Try their Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee, Coffee Tonic, and Cascara while you're there. Their Japanese filters also give a glimpse into a modern asian cafe. This coffee chain has captured the hearts of many people from South Bombay to the suburbs.

Bombay Island Coffee Roasters

Bombay Island Coffee Roasters, which first opened its doors in 2018, serves excellent coffee. It is located in Malad, and is modelled after a fashionable café you would find in any niche part of the world. It’s perfectly matched shelves are adorned with a diverse array of coffee accoutrements. A must-try is their flavoured cold latte, which includes freshly ground star anise, cinnamon, and nutmeg and is a homage to the tastes of India.

Bombay Coffee House

Bombay Coffee House is an unavoidable inclusion on our list, as it is one of Mumbai's most well-known cafés. This rustic, old-world-style café can be found in two locations in Mumbai: Fort and Bandra, and is a fantastic spot to grab a cup of steaming coffee. Their cappuccino provides exactly the proper amount of caffeine and aroma to get you going for the day. The Pondicherry Fruit Tizane is an absolute must-have.

Subko Coffee Roasters and Bakehouse

Another Mumbai-based roastery, Subko, is not only here to please the coffee lover in us, but also the environmentalist, since all of their products are supplied in 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable packaging. This café in Mumbai has acquired huge popularity in the course of recent years and is a vibe in itself. They get their coffee beans from all across the Indian subcontinent. You may also get any of their baker delicacies with your coffee because they are also a bakehouse.

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