• Yash Purohit

Pocket friendly Restaurants and Cafes for College Students!

From steaming, mouth watering Idlis, fried rice and biryani to scrumptious vada pav, dosa and chaat, we’ve brought together a list of the cheap restaurants in Mumbai that all the city's college students and salesmen would love!


Currently present in Bandra and Pali Hill, this is a go-to place for all youngsters, especially if they’re going for a group lunch or a reunion. Along with the food, Candies is also known for its brilliant dim light interiors in what they call ‘the room of lamps’. Their yummy drinks and the delicious sandwiches are the ones you just cannot miss. The best part is that there are so many nooks and corners here, that you have a variety of options to grab a quick coffee at and also go on a coffee date w your college friend as you’ll have a lot of privacy.

Rama Ashraya

Located in Matunga, this hotspot is not just famous for all the young college going people but also amongst the office going crowd. A heaven for South Indian food lovers, be it the taste or the price. Their Idli Podi and Rasam Idli quite literally melt in your mouth while the popular Set Dosa, Raagi Masala Dosa, Persattu Dosa and Neer Dosa are all relished by the folks. To end your meal, a filter coffee is a MUST. They’ve maintained their taste for a lot of decades, thus making its name in the most affordable and tasty restaurants in mumbai.

Khau Galli (Malad and Ghatkopar)

The malad one is located near Mindspace, a 24 hour call centre and BPO which has been indirectly helping most of this khao gali’s business. You name the food item and you’ll find it here. From drinks to sandwiches and burgers, this is your go to place of you’re confused about what to have and is a paradise for street food lovers. Everything here is served fresh and you’ll find a lot of young crowd in this area.

On the other hand the Ghatkopar being a junction of central line and the metro, also attracts a huge crowd. Like the malad khao galli, you name it and you’ll find it in this very lane. It also is what most college students want food to be like - cheap and tasty!

Amar Juice Centre

A very well known hang out point for the college students, Amar Juice Centre is very well-known for its pav bhaji, dosas, rolls, burgers and sandwiches and obviously juices. This very joint is open till the wee hours or until the cops come demanding a shop to shut. So you might want to give a call before you come to this place! Vegetarians will love this one to the core! If you’ve forgotten you tiffin box, you might want to check this out!

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