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Roadside Bom-Bites: Famous Street Food in Mumbai!

Mumbai Street Food - Veg

Pani Puri

Pani puri, golgappas, or puchkas- one thing delhi and Mumbai people don’t fight on is their love for pani puri! It is the epitome of an Indian roadside snack. Puris are crunchy, round balls made of flour and semolina, that are stuffed with mashed potatoes and filled with the tangy cilantro mint water. It is supposed to be eaten in one bite, an explosion in the mouth, yet soul food.

Bhel Puri

A popular Mumbai street food that is commonly found throughout the city. It is made of puffed rice and sev, mixed with chopped tomatoes, potatoes and onions and often topped with cilantro. It’s the type of food you can’t stop eating.

Sev Puri

Even though there are thousands of different types of chat, sev puri definitely makes its way in the top 5! It is a flat puri, like a round chip, topped with mashed potatoes, onions, cilantro and chutneys. Finally, it is finished with sev, just like the name suggests.

Where: Juhu Beach, Girgaum Chowpatty, Elco Market (Bandra), Guru Kripa (Sion), Khaugalli

Vada Pav

Vada pav, the most famous street food of mumbai is found everywhere. From street vendors to restaurants, and movie theatres. Vada Pav is everywhere. Vada pav is a deep fried potato patty served between pav. Served with spicy and sweet chutneys and a deep fried chilli, it is the perfect combination for the perfect evening snack!

Where: Ashok Vada Pav (Dadar), Anand (Vile Parle), Jumbo King (Multiple Outlets)

Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji was originally a late night food made for workers from leftovers, but now, it has grown to be one of the most liked street-food in India. It is a spicy, crunchy mixture of vegetables, cooked in a unique mixture of spices, served with laadi pavs, soaked in butter and chaat masala along with chopped onions and a lemon wedge – this combination is a delight for any avid foodie.

Where: Tardeos Sardar Pav Bhaji, Cannon Pav Bhaji, Amar Juice Centre

Bombay Sandwich

Ranking high up in the list of the most loved street foods in Mumbai, the Bombay chutney sandwich is one of our favourites. There are vendors all around the city, serving these sandwiches fresh. It includes thin slices of vegetables between a couple slices of bread (usually white), buttered and topped with spicy green chutney. It can be toasted as well, and even followed by delicious shredded cheese and extra butter and chutney!

Where: Jay Sandwich (Bandra), Raju Sandwich (Churchgate), Khaugalli (Ghatkopar)

Frankie Rolls

One of the most famous rolls are the frankies served on the streets of Mumbai. It is made with whole wheat rotis, wrapped with spicy fillings like paneer, potato, onions and other tangy toppings. It is perfect for a grab and go meal, or even a special evening snack.

Where: Breadkraft, Narayan Snack Parlour, Swastik Fast Food

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