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The Quintessential Guide to Bombay's Sinful Desserts!

It is no secret that the Mumbaikar taste buds tingle for spices, be it in a Vada Pav, Franky, Sev-Puri or a Dabeli . These are just a few names from the infinite laundry list of food Mumbai has to offer, which any connoisseur would always crave for. But no meal is complete without a fulfilling yet comforting dessert. The eateries in Mumbai offer a variety of sinfully indulgent desserts which you can just not say no to. Ranging from rich Indian delights like Falooda to the exotic Lotus Biscoff cheesecake from Belgium, one can never run out of new delicacies to try out. This blog is a one stop click to some of the best mouthwatering desserts in Mumbai which are definitely worth a try.

Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake @ Bastian

With its origination tracing back to 1932 in Belgium, Lotus Cheesecake is an interesting blend of cinnamon flavoured Lotus Biscoff Biscuits with the conventional cheesecake base. The sweetness of these biscuits flawlessly blend with the tanginess of the cake making it the most prominent delicacy amongst the youth. Although Bastian could be a little heavy on the pocket, but this is definitely worth every penny spent. Bastian tops this cheesecake with crumbly bite sized biscuits and an exceptionally distinctive caramelised topping.

Ras Malai Tres Leches @ Masala Library

Masala Library is an exclusive restaurant serving Indian cuisines in an unorthodox manner. But the dish which rather tops its menu is the Ras Malai Tres Leches which is a fascinating twist of Ras Malai with carrot cream and saffron milk. It is gorgeously garnished with rose petal net. The three layered ras malai is set in between of the whipped yet creamy pistachio rabari giving the delicacy the most sought after royal look.

Chocolate Thai Crep Cake @ Nara

Nara Thai, BKC serves an array of Thai food at a contemporary yet intimate feel. This fine dine restaurant distinguishes itself with its extrinsic Thai curries and stir fries. Nara is also eminent for its Chocolate Thai Crep Cake which themes on 16 layers of crepes. Luscious cream filling and chocolate pour overs are intricately fabricated through these layers. But what is all the more captivating is that Nara institutes new flavours every season. Mango in the summers and strawberry in winters are just the tip of the iceberg.

Shahi Durbar Special Falooda @ Ice Cream Factory & Shahi Durbar

Falooda is an unparalleled summertime dessert which is a coupling of whipped milk, vermicelli noodles, nuts and basil seeds. It is often disguised as a drink where the noodles are flamboyantly topped with rose and khus syrup giving it the most quintessential Persian flavour. Visit Shahi Darbar and decide for yourself if you would categorise this mouthwatering fusion as a dessert or a drink!

Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie @ Chantilly

Chantilly is a cozy yet pocket friendly bakery serving a tremendous variety of desserts ranging from cheesecakes to brownies, cookies to hot chocolate and what not! But what Chantilly promises is the crunch of walnut and an explosion of choco chips popping on your palate as you take your first bite of their warm gooey chocolate chip walnut cookie. One scrumptious chunk can take you on an undeniable ride of sweet and salty flavour and all you will yearn for would be your next bite. You can choose from a collection of these cookies, the most enjoyed ones being Nutella stuffed and double chocolate.

Mascarpone and Mix Berry Sandwich @ A Hot Tin Roof

A dessert sandwich of toasted milk breads with mascarpone, a compote of mix berries and rich chocolate ganache is an explicit dessert sandwich only available at A Hot Tin Roof, Andheri. Served at a foodtruck, this dessert is analogous to any delicacy served at any high end restaurant in the city. From presentation to taste, this dish will never fall short of mesmerising you in its first bite.

If you think you can resist, we are sure that these mouthwatering desserts are not so easy to get away with . Or if you are just looking for a cheat day, you know where you can find yourself!

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